How Do We Know That Root Canal Therapy Is Necessary?

How Do We Know That Root Canal Therapy Is Necessary In Hicksville, NY

Your mouth hurts, but you’re not exactly sure why. You wonder if you need a root canal. If you go to your dentist in Bethpage on Hicksville, you will get an answer, but you are possibly reluctant to go immediately, since you think it might go away.

That would not be a good strategy. We’re here to answer the question: How do you know that root canal therapy is necessary?

Soreness & Swelling In The Gums

One major sign is that your gums are in pain, along with your teeth There is swelling going on, too, and that can mean something is going on under the gums, usually in the root of your tooth. While there are other things that can cause this, like gingivitis, it is best to have a dental professional take a look at what is happening. They can then make a diagnosis and come up with a plan of action, which can include a root canal.

When You’re Unable To Chew Or Even Sleep Due To Pain

This is one of the bigger symptoms. Your pain is at a higher level and even a simple thing like chewing a piece of food can be a big ordeal that you dread doing. Sleep can be hard to come by, too. You might even wake up in the middle of the night from it. The pain is always there and even taking an over-the-counter painkiller doesn’t make it go away at all. This is what people tend to remember more than the actual root canal … and their memory might be clouded by that when they recount their experience – which might make you reluctant to get one.

Sensitivity To Food At High Or Low Temperatures

You take a bite of food or take a drink of something like ice water or hot tea and your teeth literally set you on edge. That is because a root has been exposed, possibly due to recessed gums or a cracked tooth and it is very sensitive to any temperature change in your mouth. Your dentist will have to remove the root and cover it up with a cap so that you can eat and drink in peace again.

Stains & Discoloration On Your Teeth

While there are certain foods or drinks that can stain your teeth, such as coffee or blueberries, having stained teeth can also mean that there is tooth decay going on under the dentin of your teeth. It can also possibly signal a dead tooth, which would also need a root canal treatment. Your dentist can check to see if any of your teeth are dead with a simple test of poking them one by one with a special instrument. `

A Broken Or Chipped Tooth May Eventually Require Root Canal Treatment

A woman with a broke tooth in Bethpage, NY.

You might not notice anything immediately with a broken or chipped tooth, but as time goes by, it might worsen and eventually expose the nerve, which also increases the chance that bacteria will get in and cause infection and issues with other teeth. Not to mention your tooth sensitivity will increase a lot.

A root canal is a simple treatment nowadays. It usually takes one visit to do and most people say it is no worse than having a cavity filled. Your Bethpage dentist will numb the area with lidocaine and you may even have the option for sedation. Once finished, the dentist will set up a crown to cover the area that had the root canal and you can resume your life once again shortly thereafter.

It is important to not put off seeing a dentist if you have these symptoms. Your pain will increase and life will become much more difficult. If you are worried about finances, your dentist will be able to work out a financial plan for you. Otherwise you might be facing even more expensive dental work in the future.

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