Getting Over Dental Phobia

There is just something about going to the dentist that makes you break out into a cold sweat. Perhaps you had a bad experience in the past and do not want to go through that again. It may have been a family member that had it and their recounting of it is what filled you with dread. Visiting your Hicksville general dental clinic is very important though, since you cannot get everything yourself, even with what you think is close and careful brushing and flossing. 

How To Get Over Dental Phobia with Bethpage Smiles in NY

The actual dental visit may not have been the problem. Perhaps something happened afterwards during what should have been a routine healing process. In any case, patients with dental phobia are extremely averse to returning for check-ups. This can be extremely detrimental.

Dr. Krupali Shah and her staff at Bethpage Smiles make every effort to ensure that patients have a wonderful visit each and every time. They know that it’s important to have a good relationship with a dentist – trust is vital. 

Here are some ways that people can get over dental phobia

Relaxation Techniques

There are actually centers in New York where people can see both dentists and psychiatrists who specialize in getting people through dental phobia. They are called dental fear clinics. Not everyone can go to these though – but there are things people can do to relax beforehand. It’s easy to look up soothing music before a visit… or even before that so as to train the mind to see it as a cue to relax. 

Deep breathing techniques can be quite beneficial too. Patients can visualize an excellent dental visit using guided imagery. This can be quite useful whether in one’s home, the car, or the waiting room. That way, it can be easy to get into a good frame of mind before getting into the dental chair. It is far from just being a “new age” solution – it can actually work for people who try it. 

Open Communication

Open Communication With Our Experienced Dentists At BethpageIt’s important to discuss one’s fears and concerns with either the Bethpage family dentist or hygienist beforehand. Even let the receptionist know when making an appointment. This is not something that one should be ashamed of. Things happen for a variety of reasons and dentists are trained to work with all kinds of patients. If it seems like a dentist is inattentive in that regard, then perhaps it would be best to find a new one. 

That being said, that discussion can lead to a positive feedback loop. Your general dentistry office in Hicksville should clearly explain what is going on with each procedure or exam and do it in a way that is easy for the patient to understand. Doing this can go a long way toward putting the patient’s mind at ease and also not having them being tense throughout the exam or procedure.

Sedation Dentistry

Sometimes people need a little extra help when it comes to seeing the dentist. They can take a small dose of something like Xanax or Valium. That can take the edge off and they can feel relaxed when they are in the dentist’s chair. Others may decide to undergo twilight sedation, where they will be asleep through the procedure. This can help if your Bethpage cosmetic dentist has multiple things to perform on the mouth. 

Anyone who does go this route, whether via the mild sedative or going into twilight sleep, needs to have someone drive them from the office afterwards. They may feel alert enough to get behind the wheel, but their reflexes will be impaired. This way, no one is a danger to anyone else on the road. Then the patient can go home and rest off the remaining effects. 

While these can be helpful, it also depends on what budget the patient has. When it comes to certain forms of sedation, insurance only covers a little, if any of the cost, and the rest will fall on the patient. But it is still important that they see their Hicksville family dentist twice a year since those visits can catch a lot of gum disease in its early and treatable stages. 

It may take a little bit of looking around, but finding a dentist who will work with people through their dental phobia is necessary. Otherwise they risk having an even worse experience with gum disease and the subsequent work that needs to be done.

At Bethpage Smiles any procedure will be clearly explained and no question will be left unanswered. They will warmly greet you upon your entrance and make sure that you leave with a clean mouth and a gleaming smile. Make an appointment today – call 516-822-6659 or contact Bethpage Smiles to find out more about the services we offer!


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