Some people have perfect teeth. Others have conditions ranging from an underbite to an overbite to crooked teeth to an overcrowded mouth. Orthodontics can help them get the smile that they want.

Invisalign, which was created by Stanford University graduates, has become one of the most popular choices that people have when it comes to shifting their teeth into the correct positions. It’s been used to fix over three million people’s smiles.

This is a relative newcomer to the field with it first being introduced at the tail end of the 20th century: 1997.

How It Works

The dentist will take X-rays to see the position of the teeth, and evaluate the bone and the teeth to determine if this is the right treatment for you. The patient is then scanned for the whole mouth and then the dentist goes over the simulation for a specific outcome and outlines a treatment plan to achieve this. Then the dentist goes over the final computer imagery to visualize what a successful transformation would look like. Then a series of aligners is ordered and custom manufactured for the patient. The patient wears them for up to 20 to 22 hours a day, changing them every couple of weeks. The number of total aligners can range from six to over 40. Each successive one slowly shifts or aligns the teeth to where they eventually should be for a perfect smile.


The benefit of these is that the patient removes the aligner to eat – which means that food types are not limited. It is also removed for brushing and flossing. They can also take it out for things like photos – which already gives them an advantage over braces.

Additionally they look and feel more natural and can be less painful than braces.


On the other hand, one could forget the aligner when finished and accidentally throw it out. Also, these tend to work the best with people who have crowding in the front of the teeth. It is necessary for people to wear these for 22 hours a day, which while not as lengthy as having to have braces on all day, still represents a time-commitment.

While the results vary with each individual, it takes generally a year or less for people to get the look that they want.

If one chooses this method, it’s best to come to a place like Bethpage Smiles, since it can all be done under the watchful eye of Dr. Krupali Shah. If something is amiss, they can fix it. It’s much more difficult with those mail order ones that are largely unsupervised and if one tray is lost, it can throw off progress while waiting for a replacement.

Dr. Shah and the staff at Bethpage Smiles in Hicksville, NY, will be glad to help patients make an informed decision. Please call for a free consultation at 516-822-6659 to learn more.

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