Dentures Vs Dental Implants

Bethpage Dentists On Dentures And Dental Implants
When one loses teeth, they need to have the gap filled quickly to avoid their other teeth shifting to make life unpleasant. But what can they do? 

There are generally two options to choose from – dentures or dental implants. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. 

Here is something to help people who are wrestling between dentures and dental implants


Getting used to new dentures can be a challenge for first-time wearers. There’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to both speaking and eating. It’s a matter of knowing how they are going to act when one is going to talk or take a bite of something.  Once that has been mastered, then their self-confidence takes a strong turn upward. 

Dentures need care, though. They have to be carefully removed and inserted, and held gently when being carried around.  The person wearing them has to brush them daily with a soft toothbrush and specially-formulated toothpaste to ensure that no food remains on them. Also, after they have been brushed, they need to be soaked overnight in a special solution. This keeps them from getting dry and brittle and also keeps them sterile. This cannot be skipped. 

There are different qualities of dentures, too. The higher-end ones fit the best and they resemble natural teeth the most. The least-expensive ones all look the same. One may have to also invest in denture glue to keep them in their mouth, depending on the make. 

One thing to keep in mind is that when teeth are missing or extracted, the gums heal underneath and they can cause the dentures to start fitting differently. It’s important to see the dentist if there is any pain or discomfort – that could mean that the dentures are cutting into the gums, which can lead to possible infection.  People should not try to gut their way through the pain – see the dentist and have the dentures refitted. 

Dental Implants

People like dental implants because they act like regular teeth. No having to remove it to brush it or soak it overnight. One’s diet will remain largely unchanged, but there are a few small restrictions like no eating hard candy. 

The thing with dental implants, though, is that there are several qualifications that must be met first. The patient has to have enough bone mass in their jaw, because the dentist will be inserting a screw there and the jaw and the screw have to fuse together in order (the process is called osseointegration) for the implant to be successful. If there is not enough mass, then the implant will fail. 

It takes a while for the whole process. First there is the osseointegration process, which can take up to a month to occur. Then the dentist or specialist will put in an abutment and finally, a crown, which acts as the new tooth. The patient will be able to brush their teeth like normal and also talk just like they did in the past. Many say that it feels like a natural tooth. 

Closing Thoughts

It all depends on the above factors and whether the patient has the time to wait in between each part of the dental implant process. There is also the financial factor, of course. These are considered cosmetic, so the patient will have to pay the vast majority of it out of pocket. Dentures are a lot less expensive, but dental implants pay for themselves in the long run. 
Smiling Woman After A Dental Implant Procedure In Bethpage Smiles
Whatever choices are made, the dentist will make sure that it goes smoothly. If there are any problems, like pain or lingering bleeding, then the patient should not hesitate to go back to the dental office as soon as possible so as to prevent any complications. They will get detailed instructions on how to recover, so they should follow those to the letter. 

When it comes down to it, whatever one decides will have them wind up with a smile that they can be proud of. 

Dr. Krupali Shah and the staff at Bethpage Smiles are experts at both dentures and dental implants. They will gladly talk with you about what options you have and then make sure that the process for getting that is smooth for you. Give us a call today to make an appointment – 516-822-6659.

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